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" I handcraft one of kind traditional and uncommon furniture pieces as well as creating vintage signs and folk art." 

 I come from a drafting, woodworking and artistic background. Designing each piece of furniture starts out at my drafting table taking into account my clients dreams. I hand select the best solid hardwoods for each project. I use tradtional methods of furniture construction in every piece, that include hand cut dovetalis,  mortise and tenon joinery and carvings for example. Fine quality brass and forged iron hardware are used that fit the period of the piece. Glass found in my pieces is of the highest quality and hand cut from artisian glass. I find that making my furniture this way takes some time but the out come will last a long time.

  Vintage signage and Folk Art came natural for me from my artistic background. Both are created in the same manner as my furniture, taking great care in it's construction and the use of quality material. I produce the vintage look and feel in  my signs and folk art by the use of several aging techniques. Many pieces also have reclaimed materials used on them making them truely one of a kind. 


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