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Testimonials from my clients : 

I wish to thank those who have shown their appreciation of my work with their comments. Here are just a few of them, I hope to include new clients soon.


I commisioned Ken to design and create a custom triangle table for my home. It's beautiful, functional, solid as a rock and everything I wanted because it fills an unusual space in my family room.​ I highly recommend Ken.


Ken is a very creative and detailed artist. His ability to listen to customers needs, observe the surrounding decor and create a unique furniture or folk art piece is remarkable. Ken's best work shines when you tell him to supprise you.​ I highly recommend Ken.


 Ken created three one of a kind pieces for our family on short notice as we were moving out of state. In less than three or so months, he created a new bedside table to match our existing bedroom suite as well as a dresser and nightstand for our daughter's bedroom to match her existing bed frame. We really liked that he took our desires into account but also gave his feedback and expertise in designing furniture. Since we moved out of state before the pieces were finished, he took the care the secure a reputable moving transport company to deliver the new pieces to our home. In addition to the pieces arriving in excellent condition, he had also created a specialized sign for our daughter to hang in her room. This sign is very special to all of us as it reminds us of where we lived and our daughter's love of horses. It also fits in perfectly the decor of her room. His specialty is getting to know the customer for whom he is designing, creating quality pieces, and delivering in a timely fashion. He puts his heart into his work.


Ken is a craftsman. 
True to the definition of the word. 

[krafts-muh n, krahfts-] 
1. a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan. 
2. an artist. 

After describing to him my idea for a gift to my girlfriend, he comes back a few days later with a beautiful CAD drawing of the piece nearly exactly as it existed in my head. 
We spent some time working through the details of the piece and before I knew it, he was already sending my pictures of the progress! 
Although I couldn't afford the finest or most expensive pieces of wood for him to make this cabinet, he still took the time to make it LOOK like it was made from the finest pieces of wood. A skill I say few people possess. 

In the end I was more than impressed by the work. Fine lines, attention to detail, and a piece of furniture I know I will have from the rest of my life. 

He was even gracious enough to install it when it was complete.

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